Sewickley Newcomers & Neighbors Progressive Dinner

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The Progressive Dinner has been a Sewickley Newcomers & Neighbors tradition for many years. Members love the events for the opportunity to meet new neighbors in one another's homes. It also allows members who love to entertain to open their homes and host their neighbors for dinner. 

If you'd like more information about hosting or attending the event please be in touch with Jordan Dervan ( 

This year's event will take place Saturday, November 4! 

"It's the best event of the year...

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How It Works

Everyone attending the Progressive Dinner will meet at one appetizer house for a cocktail (or two!) and a few quick bites before heading to their assigned dinner homes.


Dinner homes are randomly assigned via a drawing at the appetizer house. In other words, you won't know where you're going for dinner (or with who*) until the drawing at the appetizer house. Trust us - that's part of the fun!


Once everyone has finished at their dinner homes, we'll all reconvene at the dessert house for more fun! That's it!

*couples are kept together ;)