September 1, 2018

Dear New Neighbor,

Welcome to Sewickley! 

We would like to personally welcome you to the community and invite you to become a member of Newcomers & Neighbors of Sewickley.

Our social group offers a variety of activities and events to its members throughout the year. Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of women (and their significant others); some who are new to the area, and others who have lived in Sewickley for many years. 

As a member, you will receive our newsletter outlining our monthly activities, which typically include a ladies night out and a couples night event — to name a few! Throughout the year we hold larger events for our members like our Fall Progressive Dinner, Winter Cocktail Party, and Spring Fling.  Members also receive a directory, which includes other members’ contact information, and their recommendations for everything from contractors to dentists. Local businesses advertise in our newsletter and directory too, so you can take advantage of all the wonderful things the area has to offer.  You also can become involved with volunteer groups in the community through our Sewickley Serves or Helping Hands, a group that provides meals to members going through a difficult and/or busy time, whether that's a birth of a child, family illness, etc.  

Finally, grab a friend and join us at our Meet & Greet on September 27th hosted at Merritt Lee Studios in the Sewickley Village. We’d love to chat with you about everything Newcomers & Neighbors has to offer! You’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for the 2018– 2019 year membership, should you be interested. Find more information on our website: or email

We look forward to meeting you!

The Newcomers & Neighbors of Sewickley Board Members

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